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H. H. Holmes: Original Evil

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Humanity has achieved great heights. We have landed on the moon, placed a powerful computer in our pockets, cured numerous diseases and brought the world the most evil and deranged serial killers. There are very few that stand out quite as much as H. H. Holmes and his Murder Hotel. In fact, his notoriety is so great that Hollywood embarked on a blockbuster about him and now it is even claimed that Britain’s most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, was none other than H. H. Holmes himself. He presided over the “castle”. A devilish architectural creation in downtown Chicago made specifically to murder people. Trap doors, chutes, false doors, hidden passageways and spy holes made the Murder Castle the infamous building of its age. Many victims were beaten to death; some were strangled, and others gassed. And yet others were tortured on racks before they lost their lives. When he was finally caught, he confessed to twenty-seven murders, although it is believed by many that he murdered over 200. But it is not the number of deaths that is the cause of his devilish fame; it is in fact the methods he used. This is the tale of the evil dark lord of the Murder Castle – guts and all.

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Genre: Crime, Documentary

Director: Nathan Head, Philip Gardiner


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