Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

On the basis of digital millennium copyright act123Movies is an online service provider and an entertainment website.

All media contents on 123Movies are copyrighted ownerships; we allow users to upload their ownerships on our website. Take note that we do not screen or monitor the content which is being uploaded on our servers. Every media content is legal on 123Movies and we are for sure not indulged in any illegal activity neither having any affiliates.

123Movies is against the violations of the legal copyrights, we strictly protect the rights and do not allow any illegal element to upload the media content on our website. Copyright violation is what we refrained from and encourages legal copyright owners to present their media content on our website. In case if you found something on our website which is your own property and you didn’t allow anyone to use your content then you are requested to contact us immediately and inform us about your copyrights. We will review your request and take action against the particular user.

We provide an online form to facilitate the process for you; you are required to provide the specific information in all required fields. If you don’t provide, we will be unable to take actions. On the other hand, if you don’t want to fill the form, you can conveniently send us an email. An email will be sent directly to our DMCA agent who will review the case and pursue that accordingly. You can send an email or postal mail.

You need to write us complete information about the copyrighted media with the specific identification, make sure you are writing the accurate information about the unit which is being infringed. If you have observed multiple infringements on our website of your copyrights, then you need to present a list of items with details of each one. This notification can be sent in one email or via form submission, or you can send separately one by one.

You need to address us complete details of the material which is being infringed, a detailed description and location are required which help us to locate the material and take actions accordingly. Please take note that the details also include the URL or the URLs of the claimed materials being allegedly infringed. If you do not provide the details of the URL, then we will not be able to locate the material. The complaining party should add relevant information as well about their entity for example telephone number, address, email address and name.

Once we receive the said information, we will make contact with the complaining party to discuss the subject completely. Being a complaining party, you need to convince us with faith and belief that the material which is live on our website does not have permission to expose, and you have reserved the rights to that particular material. The statement should demonstrate that you do not authorize anyone to use your copyrights. If the complaining party consists of agent or lawyer panel, then the statement should demonstrate us correctly about the information given in the notification, and complaining party has the rights or permission by the owner of infringing material to pursue the case and act on behalf of the owner.

If you have any query feel free to contact us.